The Children’s Heart Federation is a parent-led charity working with partner groups to make life better for children and young people, with acquired or congenital heart disease, in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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28/10/19  New Ofsted guidance on medical conditions in school

CHF is pleased to announce that new Ofsted guidance now includes as part of its safeguarding assessment a check on the schools’ support for children with medical conditions. As members of the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance CHF has campaigned alongside other charities to get children with health conditions the support they need at school […]

09/10/19  Meeting of Health Conditions in School Alliance

Today CHF will be attending a meeting of the Health Conditions in School Alliance. CHF together with other charities and organisations that are concerned with the welfare of children with health conditions has been working to ensure that schools have a Medical Conditions Policy, that it is available on the school’s website and for OFSTED […]

25/09/19  Have you told your child’s heart story?

Is your child’s story on the CHF website? Occasionally we receive a request to use these stories from people conducting research of benefit to children with heart conditions. Please let us know by emailing info@chfed.org.uk if you do not wish for your child’s story to be used for research projects. We would not be passing […]

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