The Children’s Heart Federation is a parent-led charity working with partner groups to make life better for children and young people, with acquired or congenital heart disease, in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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16 July 2019

16/07/19  Pulse oximetry survey

Support the campaign for pulse oximetry by completing this simple survey created by fellow heart charity Tiny Tickers.

10 July 2019

10/07/19  Comment for The Lancet on pulse oximetry screening

Professor Andrew Ewer and colleagues make the case for all babies in the UK to be screened for heart defects at birth. CHF continues to support this campaign. Please make your voice heard by responding to the public consultation.    

1 July 2019

01/07/19  Molly Monday – how to order a Molly’s Dolly

Often people contact us confused as to how to pay for a Molly’s Dolly and ensure that it receives the correct scarring. There are two parts to the procedure. Order the doll from the shop, you can choose the doll you would like and can pay for it there. There is no way at this […]

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