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24 Aug 2016

22/08/16 - Signs & support for cardiomyopathy

Identifying the signs! CHF member group ‘Cardiomyopathy UK’ has produced a video to help nurses and doctors recognise the key symptoms of cardiomyopathy. Please view the video via the link below: A further video identifying ways to support patients with cardiomyopathy can be accessed via the link below: Please contact CHF via […]

22 Aug 2016

15/08/16 - Respite & support for families with congenital heart disease (CHD) or feeding issues

Would you like to have time for a little bit of ‘we’ time – just you and your loved ones? CHF member group Lagan’s Foundation offers home respite and support services to families of young children with heart defects or feeding issues  at home or in hospital. You’re welcome to express an interest and receive […]

15 Aug 2016

08/08/16 - A multi-disciplinary approach to 3D printing in congenital heart disease (CHD) surgery

Research cited in the ‘World Journal for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery’ addresses three dimensional (3D) printing and its applications in surgery for congenital heart disease. This research notes that a multi-disciplinary approach is important for high quality 3D printing. Further information:

07 Aug 2016

03/08/16 - Cardiomyopathy information for children & adults

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy? Please know CHF member group ‘Cardiomyopathy UK’ has a booklet called ‘Living with Cardiomyopathy’ which can be ordered for free or downloaded in digital format. There is also a booklet called ‘Hearty‘ that is aimed at children of 8 years and under, to explain what […]

02 Aug 2016

02/08/16 - NIPE SMART IT update

Public Health England (PHE) announces an updated version of the Newborn and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) Screening Management and Reporting Tool (SMART) IT system! The update is available to users from 2 August 2016. Further information:

01 Aug 2016

30/07/16 - Sibling support and children with congenital heart disease (CHD)

Children with congenital heart disease (CHD) and their siblings inspire us with their resilience each day! Would you like to find out how to better read the signs and help a sibling to a heart child? Further information:  

29 Jul 2016

18/07/16 - Congenital heart disease (CHD) report

The link below is to the report of the national panel that reviewed provider self-assessments against the congenital heart disease standards. Further information:

17 Jul 2016

11/07/16 - Congenital Heart Disease Standards & Specifications

This is a link to the standards that were drafted and agreed by clinicians and patients from all units and which NHS England used to make their recommendations. Further information:

10 Jul 2016

07/07/16 - CHF comment on decision of the Specialised Services Commissioning Committee (SSCC)

We congratulate NHS England on its thorough review of congenital cardiac services and we are very pleased to see the SSCC making tough but very necessary decisions that will bring the congenital heart disease service closer to meeting the agreed standards of care. We recognise that by making clear that some hospitals do not and […]

10 Jul 2016

07/07/16 - Congenital cardiology 3D printing techniques & imaging science

A 3D congenital cardiology research study cited in the ‘Journal of Clinical Imaging Science’ identifies how medical imaging has been ‘revolutionised by three-dimensional (3D) imaging techniques’. The research study authors from Leuven acknowledge however, that ‘visualisation of the 3D content on two-dimensional flat screens’ is creating limits. ‘3D-printing of graspable models could become a feasible […]

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