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Oct 28th 2019 - New Ofsted guidance on medical conditions in school

CHF is pleased to announce that new Ofsted guidance now includes as part of its safeguarding assessment a check on the schools’ support for children with medical conditions. As members of the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance CHF has campaigned alongside other charities to get children with health conditions the support they need at school […]

Oct 09th 2019 - Meeting of Health Conditions in School Alliance

Today CHF will be attending a meeting of the Health Conditions in School Alliance. CHF together with other charities and organisations that are concerned with the welfare of children with health conditions has been working to ensure that schools have a Medical Conditions Policy, that it is available on the school’s website and for OFSTED […]

Sep 25th 2019 - Have you told your child’s heart story?

Is your child’s story on the CHF website? Occasionally we receive a request to use these stories from people conducting research of benefit to children with heart conditions. Please let us know by emailing if you do not wish for your child’s story to be used for research projects. We would not be passing […]

Sep 03rd 2019 - Need for families to talk about organ donation as 2,500 potential transplants missed last year – press release from NHS blood & transplant

NHS Blood and Transplant is urging people to talk to their families during Organ Donation Week (September 2 to 8) as figures show around 2,500 organs, each representing an opportunity for transplant, were missed in the last year because families said no to donating their relative’s organs. Despite record levels of organ donation, family refusals […]

Sep 02nd 2019 - Organ donation week

Today marks the beginning of organ donation week. CHF is thankful to donors who have donated their hearts and saved the lives of children and young people. CHF also wants to encourage people to make an informed decision about whether they want to donate their organs after death, and once that decision has been made […]

21 August 2019

21/08/19 -

A big thank you to all our supporters and fundraisers. Did you know there are several ways you can donate to CHF? We get enquiries about this from time to time so just to clarify, you can make a payment in the following ways: Debit or credit card – this payment will be processed by […]

16 August 2019

16/08/19 - Fundraising stars

On Sunday Julia Dancy is taking part in a “Big brutal swim” to raise funds for CHF. We are very grateful to her and all our fundraising stars who we rely on to do the work we do. Could you be one of our fundraising stars?  

14 Aug 2019

14/08/19 - Organ donation law to change

Today CHF attended a meeting of the NHS Blood and Transplant group. They are trying to make people aware of a law change that is taking place next year when an opt out system of organ donation will come into place. CHF is in favour of this change which will make more organs available for […]

8 August 2019

08/08/19 - Krystal speaks out for pulse oximetry

Krystal Aveling and her daughter Poppy tell the tale of Poppy’s birth and her heart condition and the importance of pulse oximetry. This is your last chance to respond to the public consultation.  

26 July 2019

26/07/19 - Tell your experience of hospital experiences to help improve services

Complete this survey to tell of your experiences of hospital appoinments. These reports will provide a valuable tool in enabling centres to better understand and respond to patients’ and parent/carers’ experience of care.

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