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Mar 31st 2020 - COVID-19 coronavirus advice and information from CHF

COVID-19 coronavirus general information It is good to keep informed by trustworthy sources. An easy to read guide from Public Health England, please share. General advice and information produced by the Citizens Advice bureau. Symptoms Social distancing Public Health England advises that vulnerable groups should practice social distancing stringently.   Most children with heart conditions […]

Mar 31st 2020 - COVID-19 INR campaign

CHF is campaigning to raise funds to buy INR machines for children on blood thinning medication. It is vital that these children can have their coagulation levels tested at home to stop them from being put at risk of contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus. Please support and share this campaign.

Mar 30th 2020 - Update to BCCA guidance on COVID-19 coronavirus

The latest update on COVID-19 Coronavirus from the BCCA, it clarifies that the extremely vulnerable group includes just the following: Extremely vulnerable groups for shielding Among people with congenital heart disease, only the following groups are considered to be extremely vulnerable and therefore needing to follow Government guidance on shielding: • Solid organ transplant recipients […]

Mar 23rd 2020 - Help CHF buy INR machines to keep children safe at home

The coronavirus has closed schools and everyone is encouraged to postpone hospital visits or access medical advice remotely. This is impossible for children on blood thinning medication who need to have their coagulation (clotting) levels checked regularly. CHF wants to provide more INR machines for children on blood-thinning medication such as Warfarin during these difficult […]

Mar 18th 2020 - COVID-19 coronavirus latest update from the British Congenital Cardiac Association

COVID-19 (Corona Virus): Vulnerable groups with congenital heart disease Congenital heart disease is a general term for a range of birth defects that affect the normal way the heart works. The term “congenital” means the condition is present from birth. On 16 March 2020 the UK Government issued new guidance on social distancing for many […]

Mar 12nd 2020 - Covid-19 infection in cardiac patients advice from the British Congenital Cardiac Association

The BCCA has issued advice regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus The advice can be downloaded in pdf form here.

Mar 12nd 2020 - Research study – looking for parents of children with CHD and or Down syndrome

Dr Marcia Van Riper, Professor at the University of North Carolina is conducting a study  to examine how social determinants of health (e.g. economic stability, education, health and health care, and where you live) influence child and caregiver health-related quality of life and family adaptation in three groups of families: 1) families of children with […]

Mar 10th 2020 - CORVID-19 coronavirus

CHF recommends keeping up to date with the news and information about the coronavirus by checking the Gov UK website. This NHS website is also helpful.  The main advice is: Regular hand  washing Self isolation if in contact with a source Do not attend the GP or hospital with cold symptoms If unsure phone 111 […]

Mar 06th 2020 - Does your child have a rare condition? Write to your MP.

CHF with other organisations is urging NICE (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence) to make fair decision regarding the prescribing of drugs to people with rare conditions, this includes some heart conditions. If this affects a member of your family we urge you to write to your MP, download a template letter to which […]

Feb 20th 2020 - A new book about heart conditions for Key Stage 2 children

After the success and popularity of the book for small children Rosie goes red, Violet goes blue CHF is planning a new book aimed at slightly older children. This book will feature two brothers, one with a serious heart condition and one without. The book will go through their day highlighting the differences and similarities between […]

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