Supported Campaigns

The Children’s Heart Federation supports the campaigns listed below, if you would like us to consider getting involved in your campaign contact or telephone 01376 4780044.


Better Hospital Food Campaign

This campaign is calling on the Westminster Government to introduce compulsory minimum standards for food served in hospitals in England. This involves minimum standards to improve the quality and nutritional value of the food, in addition to tackling issues of animal welfare and environmental standards which are implicated in the serving of hospital food.

CHF fully supports this campaign to improve hospital food as this is an essential part of promoting quicker recovery for children staying in hospital with heart conditions.

Food Facts:
82,192 uneaten hospitals meals thrown away each day
67% of hospital staff unhappy to eat food they serve to patients



Every Child in Need Campaign

The Every Child In Need campaign has been set up to challenge the government’s intentions to remove many of the national minimum standards for children ‘in need’ currently contained in statutory guidance, the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families.

The campaign is concerned that the proposed replacement guidance, titled Managing Individual Cases, is exclusively focused on children at risk of harm not the much wider group of children in need, including all disabled children.

The CHF backed campaign is calling on government to retain mandatory timescales for completion of child in need assessments and keep the current distinction between initial and core assessments. CHF feels these points are extremely important to disabled children and their families.

You can show your support for the campaign by signing the petition:



Transplant 2013 /Transplant 2020 Campaign

Transplant 2013 is a coalition of patient groups, clinical groups, and industry representing the united voice of the organ donation and transplantation community in England.

The group aims to promote leadership of organ donation and transplantation in Parliament and other relevant institutions and facilitate communication and consensus within the transplant community in order to support the implementation of the Organ Donation Taskforce’s recommendations, and significantly increase the number of organ transplants.

Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020, aims to promote an increase in consent to organ donation, setting a target consent rate of 80% by 2020 which could mean an additional 1,200 life-saving and life-changing transplants taking place every year. This objective can only be achieved through a revolution in societal attitudes towards organ donation and transplantation by developing knowledge and awareness of organ donation in Parliament and increasing transplantation’s political profile.


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