Safe & Sustainable Implementation Forum


This is a private forum for member groups and affiliates of Children’s Heart Federation; it discusses the implementation of the Safe and Sustainable Standards.

How to use

You will need to sign up to and then request access to this forum; it’s a simple process requiring a name and e-mail address.  Once you have registered you can request access to this group by clicking the ‘Join bubble’ button on the left of the screen.  Once your request is aproved you will be able to read posts, post your own messages and post replies to others.

Subjects within each bubble are listed on the left and once clicked on they display on the right with all the responses under that subject.  you are able to reply to each subject at the bottom of each screen.

This forum is for active CHF members and people can join through attendance at a Service Review Meeting. Information disclosed in the forum about individuals must be treated confidentially by all parities. 

The forum can be found here

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