Sponsor a Molly's Dolly

A large proportion of children with congenital heart disease need to have heart surgery which can be a very frightening and distressing experience for them.

CHF helps ease this experience through an initiative called Molly’s Dollies.  When a young child is due to go through heart surgery their cardiac nurse or other healthcare specialist can apply for a Molly’s Dolly. Molly’s Dollies’ are rag dolls individually tailored to have the same scarring as the child post-operation. The dolls can be used by parents, nurses or play therapists to explain to a child any planned procedures or surgery. Children are encouraged to take the doll to all their hospital appointments and for any overnight stay, so the doll can “experience” the operation with them and be a source of company and reassurance.

It costs £24 to customise the doll to the child, plus postage and packing.  By donating £2 per month to CHF you would help pay for one doll for a heart child after twelve months.

If you would like to sponsor a doll click here for the link to the form which needs to be returned to us by email info@chfed.org.uk

“My daughter has a molly dolly called Brave, she takes Brave to all her hospital appointments and stays and this really helps with things like blood tests and ECGs. The Molly’s Dolly has really helped with her anxiety around hospital visits.”




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