Research Programmes Supported

Research and new technologies have made it possible to treat many of the defects and diseases that were not treatable forty years ago. Children’s Heart Federation is keen to continue supporting research to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease. We are support research with the following parteners::
10 Jun 2014


CHF have joined a five-year study funded by the EU Commission to develop a child friendly form of an existing drug that will allow treating children of all ages with heart problems. The LENA study will trial the drug, Enalapril (ACE inhibitor) in the new form of mini-tablets, which are less than 3mm and quickly […]

03 Mar 2014

03/03/14 - Adults and Parents wanted for a study looking into complications following heart surgery

Would you like to take part in a study and help us to better understand what impact heart surgery has had on you and  your family? ***Study is closed*** • Sign up for focus group now • Join Facebook group discussion now What is the aim of this study? The aim of this study is […]

Feb 06th 2013 - Infant Heart Study

*** Please note; the forum is now closed but we will be running consultation events for this research project.  Watch this space *** Taking your baby home after heart surgery can be a very worrying and uncertain time so it is important that families get the right support. We want to hear about your experiences […]

Jun 18th 2012 - Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford

The UK centre for the study of the genetics of multifactorial diseases is currently engaged in research into the genetics behind why some babies are born with heart defects, with the ultimate aim of preventing them altogether. In most cases, congenital heart disease develops because something has gone wrong during the crucial stage in foetal […]

Jun 18th 2012 - Patient Care Research and Inovation Centre, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Research into developing best care for patients and support  for  their families, particularly the research of  Dr. Jo Wray BSc, PhD, DHP(NC), C Psychol which is looking at the factors associated with parent stress and coping when children are hospitalized, the impact of dietary and exercise education on quality of life post-transplant and the testing […]

Jun 18th 2012 - Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust

Research lead Dr Daubeney and Dr Naqvi  into the establishment of guidelines for children to safely fly, including defining those who need oxygen. Historically, children with congenital heart anomalies were investigated with high dose cardiac fluoroscopy followed by surgery.  More recently, CT and MRI have replaced diagnostic catheter studies but interventional procedures using fluoroscopy have […]

Jun 18th 2012 - Institute of Health & Society – Child Health – Newcastle University

Children represent a known radiation sensitive group and have a longer period for radiation induced effects to appear.With survival of individuals born with congenital heart defects reported to exceed 80% (aged 20 years), large scale studies of the outcomes in these patients are now possible. The proposal is to establish a registry, for long-term follow […]